My 6 Most Used Writing Tools in 2021

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“Having a set of writing tools helps when you get lost in your writing process. And we all get lost sometimes.”― Leigh Shulman

I have been writing for a long time. Along the way, there are many tools I’ve found help better my writing.

Note: I made a major update to this list a month after this was posted, including more tools and more in-depth descriptions.

Why Are They Important?

When using writing tools, you open yourself up to improvement and growth. Good tools can only help to emphasize your work and make it more enjoyable for readers.

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My 6 Most Used Writing Tools in 2021


My favorite writing software. Scrivener is great for planning your writing projects, letting you sort your work into chapters, notecards, and even lets you create vision boards within the software.

Goodreads Quotes

Sometimes, a little wisdom from the greats goes a long way. I typically use Goodreads for quotes. They have a search bar where you can enter tags related to whatever you’re writing, making it easy to add them to your articles.

Capitalization Tool

It’s true. My capitalization skills need some work. Thankfully, there are websites out there whose sole purpose is to capitalize it for you.


When writing articles, it’s best to use photos to emphasize your work and set the tone. Unsplash has a broad selection of photos you can choose from and — thankfully — it’s build into Medium, so it’s easy to access.

Time Blocking

As you all know, I am a geek for time blocking. It helps me set aside time each day to focus on writing without distractions.

Word Hippo

Synonyms, antonyms, rhymes, etc. This site is an easy-to-use option that may improve your writing.


No matter how much proofreading you do, something will get missed. Before I publish an article, I always listen to it via text-to-speech in order to find errors I missed when writing.

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“We have to continually be jumping off cliffs and developing our wings on the way down.”― Kurt Vonnegut

Even though I still have a great deal to learn as a writer, I believe that we are all here to help support each other and grow. If there are any tools you feel could help someone reading this article, feel free to post in the comments so others are aware of them.

If you are dealing with writer’s block, I made a video on the topic.

Thanks for reading.




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Evidence-based articles for self-help nerds.

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